There are all kinds of techniques people use when it comes to growing premium bud. Some people have their tried-and-true methods that they swear by while others are still in the trial-and-error period of their growing journey. Regardless of skill level, when it comes to growing a flourishing crop, the […]

Cannabis has a bad reputation when it comes to mental focus. There’s a common perception that cannabis kills concentration, leaving smokers spacey and unmotivated. And let’s face it, there’s validity to the stigma, because it’s true that indulging in too much or smoking the wrong strain of marijuana can leave […]

For the average person, images of sunshine, rainbows, blossoming flowers and lots of green grass usually come to mind whenever it’s springtime. But for people who like to smoke, it’s another excuse to combine to the best of both worlds and indulge in some season-inspired sessions. When it comes to […]

What makes a cannabis connoisseur? Is it someone who can discern “top shelf” cannabis from “mids?” And if that’s the answer, what sets top-shelf cannabis apart and makes it worthy of that elevated placement? I’ve been reviewing cannabis for years, but I only recently started judging cannabis competitions and the […]

If you are trying to reduce the amount of coffee you’re drinking every morning, save some money by slowing down on your twice-a-day cafe run or just cut down on caffeine in general, there are strains that you can still enjoy in the morning or midday that won’t leave you […]