Not unlike chia seeds and ancient grains, matcha is popping up on menus around the country right now. It most frequently appears in baked goods, smoothies, chocolate or as a stand-alone tea, and its lovely pale green color and herbal flavor makes for an intriguing ingredient. Combine matcha with cannabis […]

In order to derive the greatest potency from the cannabis plant when making edibles, always decarboxylate your material before infusing it in another substance such as oil or butter. Decarboxylation is the process of heating up plant matter to initiate the active compounds in cannabis, namely THC and CBD. This […]

Cannabis is an undeniably versatile plant that can be used in many creative ways for medical or recreational use. Whether you are looking for some pain relief or looking to have a fun night cooking with some friends, marijuana can be beneficial in multiple ways. One of the most popular […]