Number Of Banks Reporting Marijuana Business Clients Declines, Federal Report Shows

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The number of banks and credit unions servicing marijuana businesses dipped in the last fiscal quarter, according to new federal data.

That said, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is no longer counting financial institutions that work with hemp-only companies since the crop was federally legalized, making the overall decline seem more pronounced compared to past quarters.

In the quarter ending in March 2020, there were 710 banks and credit unions that reported servicing marijuana businesses, according to the update that FinCEN, which is part of the Treasury Department, published this week. The previous quarter’s data showed 739 instances of financial institutions working with the industry as of December 2019.

In both of those reports, analysts identified instances where banks were filing suspicious activity reports, or SARs, for companies that only dealt with legal hemp and excluded them from the updates.

Of the 203 financial institutions that “indicated that they were providing banking services to hemp-related businesses,” 142 also worked with marijuana companies so they were kept in the report. But that means 61 hemp-only businesses were left out, unlike in past quarters. That’s the same number that were excluded from the end-of-2019 report, meaning that 29 fewer banks reported maintaining marijuana accounts at the end of March as compared to three months earlier.

Under FinCEN guidance issued by the Obama administration in 2014 that remains in effect, banks and credit unions are required to submit SARs if they elect to provide financial services to marijuana businesses. In the years since, the number of depositories taking on marijuana clients has gradually increased—with the exception of this more recent downward trend.

When breaking down the latest data between types of financial institutions, FinCEN reports that the number of banks working with […]

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