Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Cannabis has most of its long history been grown outdoors with it being one of the oldest agricultural crops. It hasn’t been till recently, within the last century, that marijuana, with the help of modern technology, has been able to move inside.

In the era of prohibition, cannabis had to be moved inside and out of sight. From the underground, technology and techniques began to develop. With legalization, the advances in growing methods and tech are rocketing forward with no end in sight.

This also means cannabis can now come out of hiding back into the fields as it had been long ago.


Chronicles & Headylines

If you’ve ever wondered about the pros and cons of growing your ganja indoors or out, here you can find detailed reasons for both and discover which method is right for you.


One of the most important things to consider when growing cannabis is the environmental controls. The more you can keep a Temperature and Humidity, Lighting and Airflow under your control, the better.

WIth indoor cannabis grows, you can dial in every factor of your environment with light timers, temperature controls, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, and even CO2 production.

With outdoor grows, you are at the mercy of the natural world. To grow outdoors requires a cannabis cultivator to have a climate suitable for production. Which type of climate often depends on the strain itself but good sun, warm to hot weather and mild humidity are what a majority of varieties enjoy.

Another thing to consider about indoor vs outdoor grows is pests and pathogens. It is far more challenging to control the spread of pests in an indoor environment than that of the outdoors where the wind can bring any number of things to your plants. This is not to say that you won’t find mold or creepy-crawlies in your indoor garden; it is simply easier to control and maintain if you do find something hiding under a leaf.

Quality and Yields

Being able to control the environment, introduce a C02 system and really dial in what the plants need as far as lighting and nutrients have allowed indoor grows to come out on top as far as quality goes. These factors lead to increased THC levels that are difficult for outdoor grows to compete with.

Taste, smell, look, and the high itself is often much better with indoor-grown marijuana versus outdoor, yet another thing to consider when deciding between the two.

Often, if the climate is right, outdoor plants will be much larger, more vigorous, and yield more than their indoor counterparts. With the unique spectrum of light from the sun overhead. With this and the ability for a more extensive root system to develop that isn’t confined to a pot, allowing the plants to grow much larger with more buds than indoor.


The price factor depends on many factors. If you are an individual, a small indoor grow tent plus supplies could run into the neighborhood of $1500-$2000, whereas an outdoor set-up could be as simple as a pack of seeds and a portion of your water bill each month(and some amendments if you want to get fancy).

For commercial scale, it’s quite different. Both indoor and outdoor commercial grows require a substantial start-up cost yet outdoor cultivation of cannabis coming out the winner long term.

Indoor gardens require more energy, water, and nutrient costs and manpower year-round to keep them going.

Outdoor grows are for one season a year and require less energy and manpower to run successfully.

Keep Growing

Whichever way you decide to grow, there is something to be said about getting your hands dirty and cultivating your own plants. The enjoyment you receive is priceless; from cultivating your plants, all the way up to harvesting, curing and finally reaching the moment where you can sit back with some friends to partake and enjoy the fruit of your labors.

Happy Growing!

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