How to Have a Blunt Conversation About Cannabis With Your Dad

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Depending on your relationship with your dad or the father figure in your life, cannabis may or may not be a comfortable topic of discussion— especially if you factor in his personal perspective on cannabis and cannabis consumption.

But cannabis entering more prominently into the discourse of the day, and with Father’s Day coming up to boot, now is a great time to break the ice once and for all and talk to your dad about his views on the matter.

But it’s probably smart to temper your approach based on where your dad stands and what kind of guy he generally is. Whether he’s the “cool dad” who you can talk to about anything or one of those dads who requires a PowerPoint presentation to understand who Rihanna “is,” you can use some of these tips as starting points to get the conversation with your pops moving in the right direction.

The Dad Who Used to Smoke

Maybe he hasn’t lit up in a couple of decades, but when he was younger, he could hold his own blowing clouds with the best of them. You can ease him into a conversation by piquing his interest in some of the new ways cannabis is being consumed and transformed into other products. Talk to him about all the different strains, let him know about terpenes and delight him with videos on how much the art of joint rolling has evolved. You can also ask him to share some stories of his weed-loving glory days — most dads love talking about the good old days, right?

Chronicles & Headylines

The Chill Dad Who Smokes Now

Just admit it: You kinda want to smoke with your dad. And you might even want to swap tips or even take a trip to a dispensary together. If you’re waiting for your dad […]

Chronicles & Headylines

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