Like any product that’s made to be consumed, legal cannabis products must undergo a series of tests. By testing the product, different brands and companies can ensure that the cannabis is safe to consume and easy to dose. States that have legalized cannabis have a set of regulatory tests that […]

Move over beer, wine, and spirits; there’s a new class of beverages hitting the market that might finally give alcohol some serious competition. That competition is coming from the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. As cannabis becomes more popular, new ways of consuming our favorite plant keep hitting the market. Not […]

Today cannabis is accepted as medicine in over two dozen states with qualifying conditions varying from state to state. Before the mid 1900s cannabis had been used medically for hundreds of years to treat a variety of conditions. Federally however, cannabis is listed as a drug with no medicinal benefits. […]

Dravet syndrome can be a devastating diagnosis. It’s represented by frequent or long seizure episodes, which start in the first year of life. You may also hear it referred to as its previous name, SMEI or Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy. While developments delays are a problem, there is an […]

Walking into a cannabis dispensary today is nothing like it used to be. Even a few short years ago dispensaries were often located in the shady parts of town, were poorly lit, and cluttered with cannabis-filled mason jars. Times have changed. The interior design of today’s dispensaries has evolved into […]

What a lovely experience it is to shop in a legal cannabis dispensary. With so much excitement in the pot shop, it’s easy to forget how much goes into getting those heady strains from the farm into your stash box. In this article, you’ll learn what goes into the producing […]