Cannabis has most of its long history been grown outdoors with it being one of the oldest agricultural crops. It hasn’t been till recently, within the last century, that marijuana, with the help of modern technology, has been able to move inside. In the era of prohibition, cannabis had to […]

Like any product that’s made to be consumed, legal cannabis products must undergo a series of tests. By testing the product, different brands and companies can ensure that the cannabis is safe to consume and easy to dose. States that have legalized cannabis have a set of regulatory tests that […]

The January 2019 Eaze report on cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol) use contained several interesting generational trends and highlights. Millennials are currently driving the market with the average user age being 31 years old. They’re also more likely to invest in cannabis stocks. Baby Boomers spend more per month than any […]

Cannabis is a plant that naturally reproduces sexually. That means that there are male plants, which pollinate female flowers to produce new seeds. Pot farmers and home growers generally don’t want their female plants to become pollinated by males though. They want female flowers that never get pollinated by a […]

Opioid addiction and deaths from overdosing continue to rise in the United States despite efforts within the medical community to find a solution. The opioid epidemic has become a serious public health crisis. Deaths from opioid overdoses continue to increase among all genders, races, and almost all adult age groups. […]

Cannabis is an undeniably versatile plant that can be used in many creative ways for medical or recreational use. Whether you are looking for some pain relief or looking to have a fun night cooking with some friends, marijuana can be beneficial in multiple ways. One of the most popular […]

Thanks to advances in technology and improved growing methods, the THC content in some of today’s cannabis (e.g. concentrates) are over 50% THC, with some as high as 80% or above. Researchers still don’t know the full effects of what high levels of THC do to the mind and body, […]