Cannabis-Infused Coffee: The New Wake and Bake

We all know mornings can be a bit rough, walking to the kitchen with one bleary eye open as you shuffle on over to the coffee machine. You patiently wait for that mechanic whurring sound to be finished so you can chug some morning coffee.

What if you could greet your mornings, sipping your cup of joe, with even more enjoyment?

With the rise of Cannabis, it has become possible to combine the two into a single morning brew, getting you your caffeine buzz and focus while enjoying some of the benefits cannabis has to offer.

Wake and bakes have been upgraded with Cannabis-Infused Coffee to kick start our day.

CBD or THC Infused?

Each of these cannabinoids offers different effects and health benefits that one should be aware of before spiking your morning brew.

Wondering which one would be right for you in your coffee? Well, let’s take a closer look and see which one is best for you.


With THC still being federally illegal, this is something that you will have to source locally, unlike CBD coffee which you can purchase online and have it sent right to your door. Should you choose to make your own (Hot brew and Cold brew recipe found here) or buy some locally, staying in while you enjoy this delightful combination is a must as you should never ingest THC in any form and drive.

With that being said, let’s dive in!

The benefits reported by users is the alertness from the coffee combined with the creative euphoria from the THC, perfect for the creative types that want to wake up with inspiration in the morning. Other effects include alertness, calmness, lightheadedness, incomplete thoughts, as well as the occasional couch lock, most of which depends on which type of strain you use to infuse your coffee with.

If you’re looking for more alertness, euphoria, and creativity, start with one of your favorite Sativas like Durban Poison or Kali Mist.

If you want a more relaxing of even sedative touch to add to your cup, go with Bubba Kush or Purple Urkle.


A more natural fit to add to your favorite morning blend, CBD Infused Coffee provides a calm and focus that helps balance out the buzzing high of caffeine as well as aids with the all to well-known caffeine crash that can follow.

Users have reported absolutely loving the balance between their coffee kick and the soothing effects of CBD. CBD influences users differently, but the majority feel that adding it to their coffee gives them the best of both worlds combining alert and focus with a mild relaxation. Others have also reported that some of the jitters or anxiousness that they get from caffeine seems to be counteracted by the CBD Infusion.

Dose-dependent: Remember, every user is different and with that in mind also realize that CBD is dose-dependent, too much or too little, and you may not get any response at all. The recommended dose to start is two to ten milligrams. You may have to do a little mad scientist style experimentation before you get the dose just right.

Combining these two almost seems like a no brainer, with the health benefits of both this can be a tasty and healthy way to start your morning off right.

Here is a link to one of our favorite places to get gourmet CBD Coffee, check them out, Flower Power Coffee Co.

Whether you’re looking for something strictly medicinal for muscle relaxation and the calming effects of CBD or the creative focus of THC. Get your hands on some infused coffee and start your morning off with a little extra and see where the day takes you.

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